About GARP

The Group for the Advancement of Revealed Preferences (GARP) is a young and dynamic research group based at the University of Leuven (Campus Kortrijk).
Our main Objective is to contribute to the development, usability, and applicability of the revealed preference methodology.

Theoretical Contributions

We aim to develop new revealed preference models for a variety of decision models. Our focus is on models with multiple decision makers, models of dynamic decision making, models with uncertainty, behavioral models and models of bouded rationality.

Methodological Contributions

We aim to develop general frameworks that allow to take into account issues of power assessment, goodness of fit and measurement errors. In this respect, we look both at the theoretical validty and the computational issues involved.

Empirical Contributions

Our final aim is empirical. In this respect, we put great emphasis on the generation of new (experimental) data sets and the computational issues that exist when bringing existing and new revealed preference conditions to the data.